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Coupon Redemption Services
Manufacturer Redemption
We are dedicated to the servicing of our customers, by working with them on all aspects of couponing. From design consultation, printing, distribution, redemption, payments, and analytical services
  • Maintain an active Canadian retailer database
  • Bilingual toll free call centre to deal with retailer & manufacturer inquires
  • Prompt payment to retailers
  • Fraud Detection
Reporting & Forecasting
  • Monthly Reports
    • Offer by submitter report
    • Liability report
    • Offer by parent holding company
  • Special Custom Reports
    • YTD reports (by month)
    • YTD cumulative data
    • YTD by province/postal code/retailer
    • Reconciliation reports
  • State of the art forecasting
and more...
  • Graphic design team available to help design your coupons
  • Printing services
  • Pad, "D-Taping", shrink wrap
  • Distribution services
  • Unlimited free bar codes
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Retailer Coupon Clearing
We provide a valuable service for both Chains and Independent retailers
1. Retailers, send us your coupons
  • Pack all your coupons into a single shipment
2. We will do the rest
  • Sort the coupons
  • Collect the funds from the various manufacturers
  • Send you one payment
3. The benefits to you
  • Flexible payments options
  • In-house sorting, counting and processing eliminated
  • Cost effective coupon clearing services with low shipment fees
  • Detailed cheque backup included with payment
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Pile of Cheques
Association of Coupon Professionals
Retail Council of Canada