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Contact Centre
CF&R offers full services bilingual contact centre solutions/support
Consumer Inbound Calls
Our personable and professional staff are fully trained to handle any contact centre service you require.
  • Low turn around
  • Track and report any possible trends
  • Experience with food products/safe handling, order processing, technical assistance
  • Client specific escalation process.
Data Collection
  • Customized database
  • Create a detailed FAQ/SOP specific to your needs
  • A toll free contact number and/or email address for use immediately
  • All inbound calls recorded for reference or training
  • Extended hours if needed
  • Customized reports
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Business-to-Business Outbound Calls
CF&R provides a wide range of services to help you increase your business-to-business (B2B) sales
Increase Your B2B Sales
Announce new product launches or increase sales using seasonal promotions with
  • Fax blast
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Direct calling
Lead Generation
  • Quality-targeted programs designed to further your growth and development
  • We maintain ongoing communication with several industries
  • Customized reports
  • Order processing
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Two laptops facing each other a person projecting from each screen shaking hands
Samples of reports of Contact Centre Activity