2016 Newsletter – Issue 2

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Why Coupon?

The most widely used method of consumer promotion in North America in the past several decades is Couponing

Coupons still come in a paper format! Over 80 Million paper coupons are redeemed in Canada each year.  The purpose of the coupon is to provide a temporary price reduction for the consumer.

When a Marketer wants to entice consumers to purchase their product they often create a coupon.  This could be to introduce a new product, to bring back lapsed CONSUMERS, defend market share, or gently push through a retail price increase.

A coupon can be issued in a number of different ways. Directly to homes, through the mail, or at retail locations

A printed coupon offer is a three party agreement between consumers, retailers and marketers.

With the information collected from Retailers and Consumers, the Manufacturer Redemption Agents provides detailed reports to Marketers.   These reports can be customized in several different ways.

If you would detailed information about coupons or services surrounding them please feel free to contact us at 905-426-3891 or contactus@cfrservices.com