Our Team

Our Team

Ron Peacock


Ron started CF&R Services in 1991, in response to a request to develop a fulfillment services company to serve both consumers and clients. With 20 years of experience, from the largest Canadian fulfillment company, instore merchandising and a short stint with a Promotion Agency gave Ron the knowledge and experience within the Canadian Marketing Community to develop a very successful company. One stop marketing services is the vision for CF&R. Ron has grown CF&R from serving a few accounts, to now fulfilling the needs of hundreds of clients in coupon redemption, consumer response, warehousing, distribution, print on demand and direct mail.

Phrancis MacInnis

Vice President

Phrancis joined CF&R prior to this century and client care is her passion. At CF&R a typical day is  wonderful, crazy, and hectic! Phrancis loves the eclectic colleagues who work with her! Phrancis has spent over 30 years specializing in the success of Canadian marketing programs working with Consumer Packaging Goods, Federal, Provincial and Regional Governments, in addition to Retailers, Realtors and Financial Institutions.

André Boulay

Account Manager

André joined CF&R Services in 2011, as a bilingual (English/French) contact representative, honing his skills in customer service. He has worked in various departments becoming knowledgeable in all of CF&R’s offerings to their clients. Following a strategic restructuring in 2014, André eagerly accepted the role of account representative. He uses his in-depth knowledge of customer service and CF&R operative capabilities, to assist clients with their promotion, marketing and consumer relation needs. He spends his evenings completing his marketing degree in order to equip himself for any challenge that clients may throw his way. Helping clients realize their marketing potential is the staple to what drives him getting up in the morning.

Heather Maxwell

Account Manager

Heather is a 20 year veteran in the Direct Marketing industry. Specializing in Consumer Marketing, Account Management, Fulfillment, Print Production and Print Sales. She loves to develop and maintain successful client relationships by offering fresh ideas, alternative perspectives and problem solving solutions. Her greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and passion!
When not at work, Heather can be found walking her two dogs, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Linda Berthelet


Linda joined CF&R in 2004 as part of our call centre as a Bi-lingual customer care agent.  As the Company needs grew, Linda has transitioned into the Accounting Department.  In a typical day, Linda deals with lots of numbers – calls, emails, invoices, and receivables. The best part about her job is the great team in accounting.

Allyson Clayton


Allyson is a graduate of the University of Guelph.  Prior to joining the CF&R team, Allyson worked for many years in customer service.  At CF&R, Allyson’s day is divided among program administration and co-ordination to standard operating procedures and implementation.  She enjoys learning new jobs, and drawing up and reviewing agreements. The best part about working at CF&R is there are always new and exciting projects and clients to work with, you never know what you will be working on next.

Robin Fenn


Robin has held a number of positions at CF&R including coupon production, team lead in the call centre and now in the accounting department. In her 10 plus years of employment she is an integral asset to the firm. There is no typical day at CF&R – every day is a new day! There is no one word to describe CF&R rather than it is interesting, challenging, crazy, exciting, and busy.  From invoicing through cheque processing, Robin is the chief financial confidant of our President.

Catherine Holden

Program Manager

Prior to joining CF&R, Catherine worked in the promotional products industry. She excels in working with clients and development firms to bring client dreams to fruition. Catherine takes projects from conception through to implementation. Catherine has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo (Hons) and a Diploma from Centennial College. If there was one word to describe CF&R it would be boundless.

Jessica Nicholson

Project Manager; Contact Centre

Jessica loves customer service.  She is a vibrant and refreshing part of our team. Be it consumer calls, emails or anything that comes up, she provides the perfect balance between clients and consumers. A typical day at CF&R has Jessica responding to consumer inquiries via phone, letter mail and emails. The best part of her job is the very flexible work environment,  so many various services, and the great training/work experience opportunities.

Jackie Peacock

Data & Technical Program Manager

Jackie divides her day between managing coupon processes, consumer response, print on demand services, direct mail programs, processes, data mining and data analysis. Jackie ensures programs are implemented in the most effective, efficient and economic fashion. Jackie’s management and organizational skills ensure that the quality of service exceeds expectations. Jackie’s analytical strengths have a proven track record in the area of developing and formulating reporting and analysis processes and procedures.

Quinton Pettai

Project Manager; Manufacturer Services and Retail Services

A typical day at CF&R is surprisingly complex with hundreds of manufacturer clients and thousands of retailers across Canada.  Quinton has a very strong skill set and understanding of client processes and requirements as CF&R handles  a large volume of coupons on a weekly basis. Quinton loves that no two days are alike. If there was one word to describe CF&R it would be synergistic.

Daniel Riehle

Logistics and QA Director

Daniel joined our team with several years of distribution, packaging, logistics and freight forwarding experience. He worked in sales and customer service with various companies both retail and corporate. At CF&R Daniel divides his day between production, logistics, H&S, quality control and staffing. His focus is on the overall well being of our day to day  business operations between suppliers and customers.  Daniel loves working with all the staff and the huge variety of jobs.

David Stretton

Warehouse Supervisor

David is CF&R’s Warehouse Supervisor. David spends his days managing a variety of work, ensuring quality, accuracy and timely completion.  Anything from complex variable sampling programs to straight order processing.   David’s specialties include inventory control, logistics, product distribution, and daily order fulfillment services. David is the face behind the order desk at CF&R.